Vikings Season 5 Resumes

DSC_8013No idea why season 5 was split up the way it was but fans are happy to have new episode airing again on History. Yes it does seem that it was a season 6 premiere but no it was season 5 episode 11. Spoilers ahead so read at your own risk:

The episode may not have been action packed but what does happen is more emotionally charged. The big revelation, of course, is Rollo (Clive Standen) telling Lagertha that he wants her and Bjorn to accompany him back to Normandy. You see, not only does he love her, he’s Bjorn’s father. (this point is still being debated by fans) If this were true then it would mean that Lagertha  was cheating on Ragnar even before he was cheating on her with Auslag. Bjorn did not want any part of this revelation (he still feels he is only Ragnar’s son)

Floki is also still his impish, youthful self, though off in Iceland he puts his life into the hands of his motley band of settlers, letting them decide whether to sacrifice him to the gods in an act of holy appeasement. They vote “no” and Floki is spared.

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