Vikings Season 4 Behind the Scenes Photo


The image above was posted by Peter Franzen on instagram . “Gurra on the set of Vikings with Jasper Pääkkönen and Peter Franzen.” Gustaf Skarsgard is in the middle. The photo was from behind the scenes of the Vikings season 4 finale. Love seeing the tough vikings enjoying ice cream! Can’t wait for season 5. Cant wait to see Gustaf as Floki in the new season. He’s always been great to fans.

Photo Credit: B.Henderson

Photo Credit: B.Henderson

Image  was during a press tour for Vikings.Gustaf was alll smiles! (he loved the Hammarby soccer t-shirt the photographer was wearing) . Season 5 will bring fans more on the conflict that was built up in the last episodes of season 4. Showrunner Hirst commented by Hirst to an online magazine Variety: “Viking society is all about winning and being famous, and it’s very aggressive and ambitious, so you kind of know they’re going to be in conflict with each other” and also added that: “To be a son of Ragnar [is] the biggest calling card in the Viking world. Almost immediately after they succeed in revenging their father, they pave the way to, essentially, world war.”

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