Some More Sneak Peeks at Vikings Episode 2.03 “Treachery”

Vikings-Episode 2.03 - Treachery (4)_595_slogoTonight’s the night we find out what “Treachery” History Channel’s “Vikings” will bring! Here’s a couple of sneak peeks at tonight’s episode!

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!

Please note: Unfortunately, we couldn’t embed the following videos. Please click on the links below to watch. You may have to be logged into Facebook to view some of the videos.

rs_634x1024-140313062734-634-Vikings-JR-31314Has Ragnar met his match in King Ecbert? Find out what lengths King Ecbert will go to in a special sneak peek below!

E! Online’s Vikings Sneak Peek

While Ragnar’s away in Wessex…things are not going well at home. Find out what’s in store for Rollo, Siggy and the rest of Kattegat with this sneak peek below on the link to our Facebook page where we shared this clip earlier today!

Rollo & Siggy’s reaction to Jarl Borg’s Invasion by All About Vikings on Facebook.

Vikings-Episode 2.03 - Treachery (2)_595_slogoWe also shared another promo for the episode which contains some new scenes. Please click on the link below to view.

Treachery Promo by All About Vikings on Facebook.

Hmmm…what’s with the snake in the eye? Will that mean anything later on?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts below!

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